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“If you attended this morning's breakfast with Andrew Darbyshire I'm sure that, like me, you are still feeling the power of that silver bullet. Such a high impact message delivered in straightforward style - Andrew we salute and thank you for the gems you shared. We got the key message that "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it" and then Andrew took us a step deeper to explore our own strengths and passion to help us connect or reconnect to our passion. One of the gems shared was a reference to a Herald Sun article called The Secret to Living a Long Life which you can find at this link - It includes something about breyk-throo: "Belong to a healthy social group and surround yourself with the right people." Andrew mentioned the power of a purpose and the truth that comes from knowing the why so that your what and then how become and stay crystal clear. If you missed this morning, that's a shame although I'm sure you could get some of the hints from Andrew's book Think Big Live Large. To those who bought a copy this morning well done as it will be a useful resource. And thank you for helping Andrew and his colleagues support a great cause in WOW supporting disadvantaged kids by providing books.”
Pam Macdonald
Breyk-throo Group

“Outstanding – congratulations and great response.”
Mark O’Leary, Financial Planner
Attendee AMP Financial Planners Conference 2009

“Many thanks again for being with us and sharing so much of your passion for service and CSR, not to mention your considerable capacity for joke-telling!  You are something else, and now I can’t imagine our international affiliate gathering without you”
Hands on Network National Conference 2008 New Orleans

“Your very personal contribution was highly valued, and I, for one, was quite moved by what you had to say. Your description of the potential for change in the attitudes of staff too, was welcome and pointed out exactly the type of synergy that we are hoping to achieve”
Ballarat Cares

“Thank you for your presentation at last week's workshop. As I am sure you will be aware, our participants were totally engaged, both with the feeling you brought to it, and with the activities you described.”
Dr Michael Liffman - Director
Asia-Pacific Centre for Philanthropy and Social Investment - Swinburne University

“I heard your excellent talk about success and focus in adversity and how you make your business work for you and your family.  You have been able to successfully structure much of your time as well as financial resources into areas of health development and support issues.  I was extremely touched by your story of strength.”
Sharon Paul

“Thank you for you involvement in the success of the recent conference. Your presentation to the conference definitely furthered the objective by analysing the strategic and practical realities of sustainability with your organisation. There has been very positive feedback from the student and faculty body.”
Melbourne Business School

“On behalf of Linfox, I would like to thank you for speaking at our Senior Leadership Conference in May. While at times very emotional, your story highlighted the need for persistence and courage which is a timely message for our people in senior leadership roles. Without these qualities the path to achieving our goals can become long and treacherous.”
David Arkell
President Human Resources Linfox

"Just want to say a big thanks from all of us here at the Foundation for Young Australians. It's a rare gift to be able to reach young people in that way. As one kid said in his presentation "Andrew is awesome." Big Prasie from a 15 year old boy! We want to thank you for what you contributed. You had such an impact on those kids I can't begin to describe it to you." 

John Kilner
Foundation for Young Australians

"Thank you for organising yet another fantastic VIP function.Last night was probably the most inspiring of your MCEI events for me. You always manage to choose very interesting guest speakers, however, something ‘clicked’ in my brain last night when I listened to Andrew Darbyshire. His business advice was particularly valuable and his humble beginnings incredibly inspiring. I was particularly moved by his personal tragedy with the loss of his young daughter to cancer. The fact that Andrew, together with his wife, has turned this devastating experience into a purpose-driven philanthropic journey to fund and assist other families facing terminal illness left me feeling ‘renewed and uplifted’. We are indeed privileged to have shared a special evening with such a caring and inspiring couple."

Jane Woods

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"Just want to say a big thanks from all of us here at the Foundation for Young Australians. It's a rare gift to be able to reach young people in that way. As one kid said in his presentation "Andrew is awesome." Big Prasie from a 15 year old boy! We want to thank you for what you contributed. You had such an impact on those kids I can't begin to describe it to you."

John Kilner - Foundation for Young Australians

Royal Children’s Hospital - Zoo

Zoo After many years of lobbying by Andrew, the new Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne will incorporate a zoo, run by the Royal Melbourne Zoo. This innovation will help catapult the new Hospital’s recognition throughout the world.


Andrew’s appointments include: * Past board member of the Song Room * Board member of Florey Neurosciences Foundation Council * Past Board member Zoos Victoria Foundation * Board member of Petstock Foundation * Past Chairman of CAPRA - Child Abuse Prevention Research Australia @ Monash * Chairman of The Click Foundation  * Fundraising Committee of SecondBite * Patron and Founder of Caitlin’s Retreat * Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors * Chairman of Rees Partners Advisory Group