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The Strong Purpose Behind Winning Gold

Posted on Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Strong Purpose Behind Winning Gold

What makes athletes get up every day, repeat the same training routine, day after day, and grow their ability to improve second by second, day after dayPurpose!   Their dream of attaining the greatest of results – be it winning gold at the Olympic or Commonwealth Games, National Championship titles, or breaking world records – it all starts with purpose. 

When a child starts with a dream, and has the skill and talent to match it, then works at achieving excellence in their chosen field, their dream is usually nurtured by their parents, coaches and mentors.  But if that child does not have their own sense of purpose around their dream, then there will simply not be enough drive and determination to get through the failures, the disappointments of not winning sometimes, the pain and anguish of exhaustion and sore muscles.  They just won’t have enough inside to get them across the finish line.

This is not just about setting goals, but having the absolute passion and determination to see your goals become reality.  That’s what being ON PURPOSETM is all about. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers1, maintains that it takes an average of 10,000 hours of practice to get outstandingly good at something.  He says that talent and natural skill are not enough – virtuosos are made, not simply born.  Sure the talent has to be there, but alone, it’s not enough to sustain a childhood of ongoing practice and determination to reach the top! 

The Commonwealth Games in New Delhi next month will be an exceptional celebration of hundreds of athletes who have the drive and determination to get them to the top of their respective sports, and achieving a place in their countries’ teams is in itself a significant achievement.  Most of them are actively nurturing that strong sense of being ON PURPOSETM every day, and for some, this will result in taking home Gold, Silver or Bronze. 


When you know the Why the How follows naturally.

1. Outliers, Gladwell M. Penguin 2008


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