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The Rhythm of Being ON PURPOSE

Posted on Monday, December 20, 2010
You know you don't have to 'be ON PURPOSE®' every day - you only need to know that you have a purpose to ensure you get through to tomorrow.

Simply acknowledging you have somewhere to be, someone to care for, and something to achieve - whenever or where ever that may be, actually makes it easier to take a day off sometimes.  The momentum of knowing that this mission you are on is tracking ok, you are getting to the next point as planned and that the efforts you are putting in actually are taking you there is in itself a liberating feeling.  Being so focused and knowing where you are on your journey can make it so much easier to truly relax and recharge when you need to.

On the other side of this is the issue of never slowing down and being driven unendingly towards an imagined finish line - at some stage you have to rest the mind!  But imagine getting through your days and not really having a clear destination in mind.  Imagine if you will, the endlessness of crossing what feels like a desert without having a compass and a reason to cross it in the first place.  It makes those thirsty days endless.   Knowing that there is a point to it and where the best places to camp are, simply enable you to stop and revitalise yourself as you go and ease the pressure a little on the way, and sometimes that's just really nice to do.

Happy holidays to everyone and best wishes for the coming New Year,

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