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The Reason Why

Posted on Wednesday, November 03, 2010

'Why' is the driving force behind purpose.   It starts by understanding what Simon Sinek calls the Golden Circle.  The outside layer is about What we do. The middle is about How we do it. The inside circle is Why we do what we do

Sinek believes that Most of us ask:  What, How, Why?  Some of us ask: Why, How, What? 

For example, it’s not enough that our iPods produce great music quality, have outstanding technology behind their production or that they are highly fashionable and ‘cool to have’.  As consumers we buy into the purpose behind Apple’s existence more than we do Dell, or Sony now.  Apple state that: “Everything we do is designed to challenge the status quo – we believe in thinking differently”.  This is what millions of Apple fans around the world feel first and last about Apple products.  They love that Apple feels what they do about pushing boundaries. 

Too many business operators and marketers don’t get that the way we think about how we spend our time, money and resources has changed.   It’s not enough to see a product and think, “wow, that’s cool; I like the colours and how many features it has”.  Now we want to know why it’s better than the other ones like it.   

We feel more intensely about what we spend our time, energy, resources and money on than ever before.   We want to do business with people who are like us.  An increasing number of consumers  also need reassurances that our money is going back into the ‘do good’ pot in some way.    And we make decisions based on how we feel the company we are committing our money to for any product or service is worthy of our investment.  We ask questions like, do they recycle, put effluent into river ways, re-plant trees and so on.  It’s not just about the product or the best price any more – and so companies need to consider this in their own business strategy and marketing communication more so than ever before.

The goal in business is to do business with those who believe in what you believe.  Why you do what you do – not just ‘what you do or how you do it’.  Being ON PURPOSE® is critical to this line of thinking. 


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