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Posted on Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What you want today is not necessarily going to be the same thing that you want tomorrow. What you would ‘die for’ as a teenager, is going to be quite different to what you would literally die for when you have children.  The opportunities you would move heaven and earth to seize right now might be ones you would walk away from in another phase of your life.  So how do you know which ones to seize? 

If something keeps you awake at night, and bugs you every time you think about it, then consider all the possibilities that it might offer you if you were to fully explore it.    The way you think about something and the positive attitude you bring to an opportunity will be quite transforming.  Glass half full is always better than glass half empty, and sometimes it takes practice to really look clearly at what golden opportunities are inside an offer.   So start practicing that.    You’ll be surprised at the way you view things when you start regularly thinking in terms of: why not?, how can I?, what if? 

When you've  got to the point of being able to say  I am ready to do something about this opportunity, then create a plan and see if this is aligned to what you believe is your purpose.  If it is, and you feel strongly about it, then move forward.  


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