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Do You Need Help?

Posted on Saturday, September 11, 2010

In order to make great things happen, you nearly always need to work with other great people.  These may not be Abraham Lincoln ‘great’, but certainly exceptional in their field and therefore of significant value to you in your endeavors.  Regardless of your work, industry, objectives in moving forward into greatness, your best mentors, guides and teachers should be those you seek out and express a willingness to learn from.  (It should be noted that at this level you are looking for a lot more than a business advisory appointed free mentor.)

So who are your ideal ‘greats’?  And how do you meet them, then get them to work with you?

Start by defining exactly the type of guide, teacher or other kind of helping hand you need.  What would be the ideal situation from your point of view?  If it’s someone to mentor you, then begin with identifying what makes you an ideal person to mentor from their perspective.  How will you step up and prove you’ll take real value from their encouragement, support or advice?     

Many people who are really great at what they do are often targeted for mentoring and rightfully may become quite selective as to whom they agree to work with.  You have to impress upon your chosen ‘greats’ that you are willing, able and committed.

Do you need to do anything to make this a reality?  Are you ready to be mentored by someone who is truly great?

Your purpose in preparing for being mentored by someone who is absolutely perfect and is your most desirable mentor is part of being ready.  So invest time in thinking this part through, ensure you’re able to answer any and all questions you may be asked when you approach your target, and above all else, be professional.   You should also have done some homework to be sure you know a fair bit about him or her, so that they know you’ve taken the time to do so.  This is important.

Get ON PURPOSE® with getting help to become all you can be.


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